GasPetrol (Deutschland) GmbH has been operating globally since 2005 as a medium-sized trade company in the areas of liquid gas and petrochemicals.

We cooperate around the world with independent traders, as well as with major associations and producers.


Due to years of international experiences of the shareholders in our company we possess border-crossing knowledge of products across the entire petrochemical industry and the corresponding logistics.

Both regarding the customs declaration and the different financing models we will be happy to advise you.


As an independent company, we provide to

  • international trade organizations
  • bulk buyers
    • distribution
    • industry
    • trade
    • processing

by ship, train, tank car and container.


We deliver both pre and post-tax and deal exclusively with respectable and internationally experienced logistics companies.


We stick to our agreements and use existing and market-appropriate logistics to satisfy our customers and providers to the highest degree possible.