GasPetrol (Deutschland) GmbH

Begining of 2005, several European traders founded GasPetrol (Deutschland) GmbH with the location in Goch, in order to more effectively deal with the requirements and restrictions of an expanded EU and that of international trade.


Our company possesses the know-how and the logistic resources to respond to the demands of international trade, at the same time supporting our customers in a fair manner.


We provide both medium and long-term delivery and trade contracts, in order to react both quickly and be flexible to our customers and providers.


GasPetrol (Deutschland) GmbH works domestically and internationally with first-class associations and producers, as well as as respected trade organizations.


Our employees are trained regularly and possess the necessary personal authority to shorten decision times as much as possible.


Trade routes have changed globally and are subject to constant adjustment due to market forces. Because of rising environmental awareness and corresponding legislation, producers take into account the climate-relevant carbon circulation, and the product offers are adjusted accordingly.


We are always available for a consultation, and we gladly put our extensive experience in the energy and petrochemical sector at your disposal.


Jochen Krefting

-Company management-

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Artur Pelka


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